to LEad?

Yes I'm talking to you. If you influence or impact the decisions, choices or behaviors of another person...YOU ARE A LEADER!

So let me ask you again, are you ready to lead?

If your honest answer to that question is anything other than yes... I'm here to help you...

As a leader, the first person you must develop is you.



Vicki Nadal
Founder & Content Magician

Wordplay Creatives

"From helping me navigate interpersonal conflicts to contract negotiations, Joy's insight and guidance pushed me to grow both personally and professionally. Her understanding of entrepreneurship gave me the tools I needed to embark on a complete career transition, establishing my own professional writing firm. Whether she's facilitating individual growth or the health of an organization, Joy Pittman’s commitment to corporate culture and professional growth is unparalleled."

Nelson Muhammad, MBA

Corporate Recruiter

"Joy is a natural teacher. She possesses an uncanny ability to see a situation from different perspectives and offer a solution that is just and equitable. Admittingly, when I met Joy, I was a bit rough around the edges. But, she taught me so much about how to succeed in a corporate environment. From brevity in my emails to how to view things from an employer's perspective, every piece of professional counsel I have received from her has benefited me tremendously. As I said, she is a Natural." 

Tara Drinks


As a professional of color, Joy's leadership has cultivated my ability to recognize and tackle complacency in the workplace. Her models and tips have strengthened my confidence and have encouraged me to show up as my true authentic self-- which has since resulted in being promoted to a more challenging role. Partnering with Joy and utilizing her proven expertise has been essential and the key step to propel my professional career forward."

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