As a champion for leadership development, team development and people strategies, Joy graces the platforms of corporations, professional associations, not for profit organizations, conferences and  groups to enlighten audiences on topics aimed to equip, educate, and empower individuals and teams.

Joy has witnessed the positive impact not-for-profits and small business can have on economic growth, community development and individual achievement. She has also seen that impact hindered due to limited access, resources and capacity. 

Her observations fuel her intent to use her voice beyond the boardroom as a speaker, panelist, trainer and facilitator fostering diversity, inclusion, individual and team development while also providing effective and efficient strategies small business and not-for-profit leaders and decision makers.

​No matter the space, the stage or the audience, Joy has a way of connecting with her listeners in a way that resonates across the room. After hearing Joy speak, your audience will walk away feeling equipped and empowered.


Level Up

Identifying personal sustainability plans that aid in professional and personal growth. Designed for diverse audiences who desire to set goals and achieve them.

Strategic Women Win

Leveraging the power of womanhood to conquer unfavorable environments. Designed for women leaders (especially those working in male dominated industries or environments).

Power and Privilege Re-defined

Empowering members of marginalized communities to identify and maximize the spaces of privilege that exist apart from “whiteness and wealth.'' Designed for persons looking understand the advantage to being “disadvantaged”.

The Power of People

Understanding how to effectively utilize your most powerful resource PEOPLE. Designed for those who serve in leadership and managerial capacities who need to hone their interpersonal skills.

Some of her most requested keynotes and workshops include:

When Faith Meets Strategy

Implementing business strategy development and necessity from a biblical perspective.  Designed for faith-based organizations and ministry teams.

The Five Pillars of a Winning Strategy

Uncovering the 5 main areas of focus in the strategic thinking process. Designed for anyone seeking to engage in strategic planning or needing knowledge to become a more strategic thinker.

The 4-Self Principles

Four-Self Principles encourages participants to be intentional about the things we do to better SELF. Participants are challenged to dig beyond the surface and superficial components of their personal and professional brands and engage  SELF in order to highlight areas of self awareness, acceptance, advocacy and care that are necessary to live balanced lives.

No matter the space, the stage the topic or the audience, Joy has a way of connecting with her listeners in a way that resonates, uplifts and encourages.

After hearing her speak you and your audience will walk away armed with a strategy to navigate through any situation to come out successful.

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