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I can say so many things about Joy Pittman, but the biggest thing I can say about her is she can provoke you to really analyze your vision. As a visionary we tend to think big and overlook small details that are important to successful execution. This can lead to frustration and cause you to want to give up and throw it all away. Joy has the ability to help you identity what is missing when it comes to building your vision and making sure you have the right people in place to help you remain sustainable. If you are looking to really move into full time entrepreneurship, building a non-profit or a ministry she is probably the best thought partner supporting this industry to help you really move your business forward. I think, no, I know anything that is wrong in your business, Joy will be able find the source, identify the symptoms and help you correct it, execute and grow from the experience.

Londyn Nikole, CEO, Owner and Editor
The Londyn Nikole Firm | The Glammore Lounge