Thought Partnership


Are you working on a special project or just need some guidance, advice, and support? Thought Partnership is aimed to help you make informed decisions and minimize the time and money spent on reaching your desired outcomes. Through individual coaching and thought partnership, this level of engagement is designed to efficiently identify and unpack the problem so we can point you towards the best solution and  In these sessions, and identify the appropriate next steps. 

Thought to Finish

Thought to Finish is an eight (8) week engagement where we journey through my customized four-step process which will empower you to Think It, See It, Build It, Have It.  We will be working together to flush out answers to the hard questions, and to refine your ability to frame, articulate, and align your vision, mission, goals and overall strategy. 

Step 1: Think It

Here we work on the basics and get a fundamental understanding of what you do, whom you do it for, and how you get it done. We will be deconstructing and walking through your current business/organizational model piece by piece 

Step 3: Build It

Here is where the fun begins. At this level, we start re-construction using all the information from step two to create a stronger more sustainable structure. In this step also spent time on resource identification and alignment focusing on people, process and purpose.

 Step 2: See It  

At this step, we clarify mission, vision, value statement and do high-level SWOT assessment in order to identify areas of potential value add and opportunity 

Step 4: Have It 

This is where we wrap up our engagement and you are left with a working document that we have created together which provides a clear road map for your business/organization that is ready to be implemented. 

Working with Joy was one of the best investments I have ever made. As a thought partner, she helped me sort through the maze of an initially raw vision for my business. Through a series of clear, organized, and systematic steps, each session with Joy helped me clarify my business objectives, define my audience and create actionable steps for implementation. Joy’s creativity and insight allowed me to dream, yet remain connected to sound business principles that would keep me focused and productive. She helped me set realistic goals and even coaxed me out of my shell of reluctance in terms of placing a monetary value on my gifts and talents. I am forever grateful. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!


Daihnia Dunkley
CEO & Founder of The LEBN 



Thought Partnership increases the return on investment of the time spent engaging in thought related activities including decision-making, and strategy development.


As a thought partner I assume that my clients already have the answers and simply need support articulating, defining and implementing them. As such I don't think for the client, rather I aim to think with them in a way that:

•    makes the process of thinking unambiguous;
•    allows options to be properly vetted;
•    prompts innovation and other means of value      

      creation; and
•    leads to efficient use of time and other resources

Simply stated: the role of the Thought Partner is to facilitate a progressive discourse that enables the client to think more clearly and effectively toward his or her goals.

When I think of brilliant, I think of Joy Pittman. She is the true definition of all things smart, practical and well thought out. Her ability to provide solutions rests on the fact that she is the answer to many issues business owners like myself have. I've witnessed her bring clarity and enlightened awareness to the uninformed in structured and impromptu settings. Joy undoubtedly possesses both the knowledge and skill needed to help others navigate and chart out their personal and professional paths. Don't think without her!


Omega Celeste
Creative Consultant | Seventh & Lane