Think With Joy 

The "Think with Joy" private facebook group is designed to be a safe, creative, collaborative and strategic, space for leaders, visionaries, professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators and influencers to curate and refine their genius.  We encourage the free flow of information, and  networking. I will also be sharing tips, pointers and live mini-trainings on aimed to empower you to be your best self, thrive, excel and lead. 




"When it comes to leadership development the key is to view leadership not just as an inherent trait, but also as a skill. "

Becoming a leader is just that—a process of becoming. With the right help, anyone can become a leader. Coaching can help you build up the basics skills and then refine those skills to harness your natural talents. Through my work as a Leadership Coach, I have been able to watch individuals from various backgrounds and personal and professional levels become better leaders.


TWJ Collaborative -  Group Coaching

Members will be challenged to go deeper in the collaborative and be intentional about their individual success strategies through access to monthly:

  • Web-based, never before seen, training and webinars;

  • Live Group “Think with Joy” Sessions - a full 90 minutes for you to ask, ask, ask, away; and 

  • 20 minute "one on one" check in


One on One Coaching

Designed to focus on critical issues or questions you need to tackle right now, such as personal development planning, leadership capacity building, managing people and internal relationships, overcoming obstacles, or simply getting "unstuck" in our business and career.

And for the busy leader we offer a monthly retainer plan that which includes 10 hours of one on one coaching time, in addition to unlimited emails and texts throughout the month at your convenience.