Discussing What Matters!

THE          RIDE

Launched in 2016 on Facebook Live, The Joy Ride is an interactive web-series that introduces viewers to today’s thought leaders, content experts, and industry professionals. Merging her professional expertise, passion for people, and belief in the value of shared resources, Joy provides her audience with a unique and engaging experience. 

For one hour, viewers have the opportunity to join and engage in thought-provoking conversations surrounding socially conscious issues. From millennial stereotypes to navigating through personal and professional loss, Through The Joy Ride, Joy strives to cultivate a multi-generational understanding and connection while igniting individual empowerment within her viewers.

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Joy is a thinker’s thinker and strategy are a byproduct. Frankly, she shares more strategy in her presentation by accident than most do on purpose. Joy has an uncanny ability to make complex theory feel extremely practical to her listeners and collaborators; as such she is easily received by diverse audiences. With a surgeon’s skill and precision, Joy dissects, diagnoses and acts directly to implement corrections that are both timely and effective. Simply put, Joy Pittman is a “solutionist” and her voice is one that will cultivate solutions for years to come.



Nelvern Samuel, Pastor, CEO & Founder
Soul Survivor Group Inc.
NRS Ministries & Enterprise