An organization's most valuable resource is its people. Yet many leadership and business practices focus solely on obvious drivers of profitability, overlooking the potential of its people as drivers of success, growth, and innovation.

Understanding how much more successful organizations could be if they invested in understanding the needs of their people, Joy added a people-centric lens in her strategy consulting model which required that she train leaders and their teams on topics including people engagement and retention, performance management, talent development, diversity, equity and inclusion.

Through the JVP School of Strategic Thought, Joy provides web based trainings on a range of topics related to Leadership Development, Human Resources Management and People-centric Strategy Development. 

S.O.S.T aims to serve as a training resource for current and emerging leaders delivering content aimed to foster individual and (as a result) organizational growth and advancement.

Joy brings together visionaries seeking to master their craft in a technologically-driven and globally-competitive society. It offers space for community leaders to gather across areas of engagement—education, ministry, business, and the non-profit sector—to share best practices and challenges while learning from one of our community’s leading strategist. Joy Pittman’s years of experience and expertise provides community builders with solutions and insights to design with imagination and build with intention.

Rev. Rashad Moore

The Abyssinian Baptist Church