The Joy Ride is an interactive web-series that introduces viewers to Joy's genius as well as the genius of today’s thought leaders, content experts, and industry professionals.


Merging her professional expertise, passion for people, and belief in the value of shared resources, Joy provides her audience with a unique and engaging experience. Viewers have the opportunity to join and engage in thought-provoking conversations on a range of topics. 


Joy desires for The JoyRide to be a vehicle of empowerment, development, collaboration, education,  innovation, creativity, and success for everyone who comes along for the journey.


How has

THE JOY RIDE helped you in your personal or professional life?

I been trying to find my way in the things that I do daily in the community and on my job as I deal with people all the time . I engage, to interact with the community and the issues we have as a people .


Listening to THE JOY RIDE has help me develop the skill of communication amd connections of what people need .

My listening skills have heightened and my responses to situations have become more productive to the needs of those I encounter.


I have still a way to go but listening to the Joyride and going to boot camp helped me . Thanks Joy for ride!

- Johnnymae Robinson

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