A businesses success is largely related to the ability of it’s leaders and decision makers to identify and employ the right resources. While organizations and teams across all industries face challenges in this area, the limitations faced by many not-for-profits and small business makes it even harder for them remain effective, competitive and sustainable. Because I understand the impact that not-for-profits and small business have on the individual, communal and economic landscapes of their communities, I am personally and professionally committed to their success.



Joy Pittman is a student of excellence,

she operates with precision and decisiveness when working with her clients.


Her signature offering, "FROM THOUGHT TO FINISH"

is divided into four levels with each level containing varying deliverables:



For the individual or small team that needs fresh and

innovative insight.


Does your team need clarity concerning their plan and strategy for growth? 


Build sustainable outcomes through alignment of resources, people and business goals.


The final stretch. Get  help making big decisions that will affect your teams growth.


is designed for individuals or small teams who are in the beginning stages of forming and organizing or teams who feel stagnant in their current operations and need fresh and innovative insight. This is the only level that can be offered as a stand alone service.


The second level of this program is for the team who has clarity concerning their plan and strategy for growth and/or transition and need a helping hand in putting their plan to work. Specific avenues cover infrastructure, sustainability measures, scalability, and more depending on immediate and forecasted need.



After the foundation has been set, meaning there is a viable plan of action in route, the only thing left to do is to build! In the BUILD IT phase, the focus is placed on the alignment of people and resources. The deliverable includes a customized organizational blueprint that ensures the longevity and sustainability of your organization.




Perhaps you need a general in charge to make sure every I has been dotted and every T has been crossed. No matter what society says, you can have it all! In the final stretch, Joy serves as your right-hand woman in project management to ensure that you have a well-running organizational machine. HAVE IT is where Joy becomes more than your thought partner, she becomes your COO until you are already to take control and lead your organization to another level.

Our Thought-Partnering services have shown positive impact for our clients in a number of areas including:​​​

  • Business Growth and Transition

  • Infrastructure Redesign

  • Forecasting (People and Resources)

  • Gap Analysis and Assessments

  • Internal Communication Planning

  • Strategic Planning & Alignment

  • Thought Partnership in Collaborative Thinking

To be matched with the plan that best fits your goals, schedule your discovery consultation today.

In April 2018, I had the pleasure of having Ms. Pittman speak to an audience of young ladies at an event sponsored by NBC Studio in Philadelphia. Her message which focused on “Finding Beauty in Brokenness” was absolutely phenomenal. It was the takeaway of the event. I am looking forward to having her speak at future events. 

Lisa M. Wiggins, Founder
L.I.S.A Inc., (Let’s Inspire Sisters to Achieve)