What is "When Faith Meets Strategy"?

WFMS is designed to be a resource for the faith community promoting Marketplace Impact and Influence as a vehicle of Kingdom Advancement. Our Bootcamp, consulting and support services provides a safe space for leaders, visionaries, entrepreneurs and professionals to develop implementable strategies for growth and sustainability.

What Inspired WFMS

My dad was a great husband, father, man... but was never really into the church. In 2007 my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. In 2009 my dad passed away. However between his diagnosis and saying our final goodbyes something happened that created the foundation for WFMS.

I found out my dad had a secret...

At my dad’s service as with most services there was a period for people to share their sentiments. People began to stand from their seats and share how my dad had impacted their lives. Specifically, men of varying ethnicities stood as shared how my dad had paid their bills, gotten them jobs, been a father figure, role model and trusted friend. One man even shared how my father had been the catalyst for his sobriety and for saving his career and marriage. 


My dad's life had changed the lives of others while sitting at his workstation. The church (meaning the physical location) was not a part of the equation. 


I want to create more stories like my dad's...

The goal of WFMS is to empower the faith community to utilize their influence in the workplace, business communities and other spaces they occupy, in a way that meets people where they are. Many pursue identification as members of the five-fold ministry because for the most part, we misunderstand its purpose. The fivefold gifts were designed to equip the saints. The saints are equipped to impact the world! The world is to be impacted for HIS glory!

Are you ready and positioned for impact?  

Impactful, inspirational, and palatable are just some of the words to describe Joy Pittman's #WhenFaithMeetsStrategy One-Day Bootcamp.  I believe it was the catalyst needed to really move my almost 2 year old church plant to the next level.  The workshop was full of bible-based wisdom intermingled with relevant application to fit the needs of a ministry of any size.  The panel discussion was comprised of an eclectic blend of voices from different perspectives, which afforded the attendees the chance to see things out of different lenses.   I left the event with so much to think about and with a renewed zeal for ministry.  The concept of strategic thinking is essential to the success of any ministry,  I am glad I invested in my future by going. 


Shawn Mason

Senior Pastor of The Freedom Church, Brooklyn, NY

Invest in the future of your

Marketplace Ministry.

Kingdom Advancement is closer than you think. Join me and learn how faith and strategy can work for you!  Sign up and stay connected.


Is there a dress code?

Please be as comfortable as you'd like. This is a retreat and a safe space for transparency, learning and growth. I want you to be able to recieve the info without any restrictions!

Do I need to bring anything?

Just bring yourself! We're providing meals, beverages, and notepads. If you'd prefer to take notes and work on a tablet or laptop, you can bring it. And by all means, bring your bathing suit. Work Hard, Play Hard!

I'm not a pastor or a licensed clergy person, is this event for me?

Yes! Absolutely! If you are a believer who desires to be more impactful and strategic in navigating the marketplace, this is definitely for you.

Can I bring my child?

I love children, however, they will not be permitted at the event. Only those registered persons will be able to attend.