‘Your success and the success of your vision and venture relies heavily on your ability to move successfully from concept to completion.’ - Joy Pittman

Your brand, your business, your venture is the answer, the resource, the product, or the service that someone has been looking for. Ensuring that the world can experience the best of what you offer necessitates a clear and implementable plan of action.  Thought to Finish is designed to help you create one. We take you on a customized journey through the process of planning, implementing, evaluating and positioning you for sustainable growth and success.

Each clients goals and resources are different and require different levels of support. To provide the right amount of support to each of our clients, we have developed four levels of engagement for you to choose from:

Think It, Plan It, Build It, Have It

Serving as your trusted advisors and sounding boards, creating a safe space for you to engage the key concepts behind your vision. We will challenge you to think innovatively yet strategically to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of your efforts.


You decide the frequency and length or our engagement; however, we recommend that you commit to a minimum of three (3) 90-min. sessions to see tangible results.







Reaching your desired outcomes requires a plan.  This level includes the thought partnership provided at the Think It level and in addition we work with you to create a customized action plan with clear deliverables and measurable results.


Plan It requires that you commit to five (5) 90-min. sessions to do the work necessary to develop your custom strategy blueprint.


We understand that most ventures require a team effort. In the “Build It” level we partner with you to Think It, Plan It and then identify the resources you need to start seeing sustainable results. You will also have access to a trusted source of professionals within our extensive network at discounted rates.


Once we have learned more about the scope of your venture, we will recommend the frequency and duration of our engagement.







After the thinking, planning and building its time to implement, implement and then implement some more.



Have It includes all the benefits of Think It, Plan It and Build It with the added value of us serving as your implementation manager supporting you on your journey from thought to finish.


Think It

Build It

Plan It

Have It

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Joy is a thinker’s thinker and strategy are a byproduct. Frankly, she shares more strategy in her presentation by accident than most do on purpose. Joy has an uncanny ability to make complex theory feel extremely practical to her listeners and collaborators; as such she is easily received by diverse audiences. With a surgeon’s skill and precision, Joy dissects, diagnoses and acts directly to implement corrections that are both timely and effective. Simply put, Joy Pittman is a “solutionist” and her voice is one that will cultivate solutions for years to come.



Nelvern Samuel

Pastor | Love City Church & NRS Ministries