I am intentional about equipping today's generation of leaders.




I find great joy in partnering with visionaries, entrepreneurs, and leaders, as they shift their brands and businesses from concept to reality. My personal professional journey afforded me a wealth of exposure and experience. Ironically my journey also positioned me in settings that were not inherently supportive of my growth and advancement. The latter taught me the importance of remaining essential, informed, and strategic. This knowledge, my voice and a systematic approach have proven to be invaluable to my clients many of whom have faced similar challenges to the growth and advancement of their vision. 


I understand that strategic development is vital for small businesses and not-for-profits. I also understand how demanding the process can be; taking time away from other important focuses including direct engagement with the people you aim to serve.




A Thought Partner  increases the return on investment  of the time spent engaging in thought related activities like decision making, strategic development, planning and implementation.

Thought Partners do not think for the client, rather they think with the client in a way that:
•    makes the process of thinking unambiguous;
•    allows options to be properly vetted;
•    prompts innovation and other means of value      

      creation; and
•    leads to cost containment, reduction or elimination.

My range of support services including:

     Business Process Management 

     Strategic Plan Development

     Resource Alignment 

 & Implementation

allow me to facilitate operational efficiency while you to focus on your pursuing your passion. If you are a decision-maker, you need a thought partner. If you are a visionary, you need a strategist. Let's partner and chart out your path to success.

Simply stated: the role of the Thought Partner is to facilitate a progressive discourse that enables the client to think more clearly and effectively toward his or her goals.

  • Workshops

  • Vision Casting

  • Leadership Training

  • Team Building

  • Strategic Planning

       & more!

Don't wait until you're stuck. There's support for every stage. Let's connect today!

When I think of brilliant, I think of Joy Pittman. She is the true definition of all things smart, practical and well thought out. Her ability to provide solutions rests on the fact that she is the answer to many issues business owners like myself have. I've witnessed her bring clarity and enlightened awareness to the uninformed in structured and impromptu settings. Joy undoubtedly possesses both the knowledge and skill needed to help others navigate and chart out their personal and professional paths. Don't think without her!


Omega Celeste
Creative Consultant | Seventh & Lane